Kiama Australia – No Shoes, no shirt, no problem

Kiama, Jamberoo, Gerringong , Bombbo, Gerroa, Robertson,

Hi ya folks! Well Kiama although a sleepy town all its own was a bit of a dream for us. There were several realizations that we came to and it made it that much more special. Gabby even signed us up for a 12-week online course to assist in the blog development.
On top of that, we once again had a spectacular Airbnb host. He was more than accommodating and hospitable. There are places that we wouldn’t have had the chance to see if not for him. It’s difficult to get to some of these places because public transportation just doesn’t allow. And I refuse to let Gabby rent a car because I am just not convinced he will master “keeping left”. We were so impressed with our host, we stayed an extra three days! We were told that we might get bored and we might have, had Shane not taken the time to drive us around. There were forests (rain forests to be exact) beaches, shops, and a blowhole … I didn’t name it, we just went to see it. It didn’t do anything, but the little blowhole did. (see pics below) The cool breeze coming off the ocean was soothing and relaxing. Relaxing is the real word to emphasize here. It was here in Kiama that we realized this is not just a vacation, that this is a possible way of life (traveling from place to place and enjoying the little spots the world has to offer). I (Cricket) can not say enough great things about this town. It was so inviting and the water so blue, a paradise unto its own and known well of the surfers and vacationers. If you are not a surfer or a beach nut, you might indeed get bored, but when you start venturing outside of the town, it easily becomes an area that you can’t miss on an East Coastal tour of Australia. The restaurants are fun and the food amazing. The locals are sweet, helpful, and so excited to see tourists and new comers. To explain the topic “no shoes no shirt no problem”, well everywhere you look along the main streets, many are walking around in swim shorts … that’s all, swim shorts. They walk barefoot everywhere and no shirt. It was different for us because in Texas they have signs that read “no shoes, no shirt, no service”, but it was completely normal to go into the grocery store and see just that. Often times still wet from having been in the ocean. This is definitely a place we could spend some extra time.So, laid back, and so much fun… Ya know, we could get used to this.

Enjoy the pics!


Gerringong Beach

We stayed in a room above the Jamberoo Pub one night …

Spring Creek Wetlands 🙂    in Kiama                                                                                                 The top photo is a ton of bats that were swarming around us and making crazy screechy noises. It was just so surprising because it was still light out. We got out of the wetlands pretty quick after that. I didn’t want to get eaten…. They might have been fruititarians, but I wasn’t going to stick around to find out.



That water coming up is called the Little Blow Hole in Kiama, It’s a natural occurrence created  over years and years from a volcanic extrusion and the waves of the ocean. There’s more to it, but I’m not trying to get all technical

The beaches around Blow Hole point in Kiama

Belmore Falls Lookout




contemplating life and travels



new friends


That’s if for now. We did learn that the longer you stay somewhere, the more you see, the more you forget from the first day. So for all those following, we will try to keep better notes and be a little more detailed on future postings! Cheers


Until next time!



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