Sydney Australia – G’day Mate …

Banksia, Rockdale, Newton, Circle Quey, Paddington, The Rocks, Coastal Walk, Manly (wharf, beach and Manly itself)

Eh mate (that’s what they say) – Cricket ere (here) … sometimes I can’t understand .. but I’m getting there … Everyone is so helpful and wonderful

So this has been an experience for me and the hooman. Gabby specifically booked the Airbnb for the economical side of it. I was in agreeance that we should be conservative at every turn so we can make this adventure last as long as possible. I did not know we were going to be sleeping outside … in a back yard .. in a hammock…showering under a water hose … I mean, I am all for the out doors, but I have grown accustomed to certain amenities … like hot water! Whatever, it was cheap, and the host turned out to be fabulous.
There was so much to see in the Sydney area as you will see in the pics below. Obviously, the beaches are a huge draw, but we never understood the amount of culture we were going to run in to. The Asian influence in this area is absolutely astounding. We enjoyed every minute of it. Every pocket has a specific interest, so we thought we would do this post a little different. Rather than put all the information in the beginning, we thought we would walk you through it with the pictures. So we will post some pictures and then explain the background of the area and/or people. There really is just so much to see and do that 5 days can not do it justice. So this is a place that we will revisit and who knows … also .. it’s time to start a videoblog …. More to come on that 😊

Remember, you can enlarge the thumbnail pics by clicking on them. 

(below) Circle Quey (pronounced KEY) and The Rocks…You should have seen Gabby trying to explain where he wanted to go …. It was rather funny ..


Harbour Bridge


Sydney Opera House

(below) A few more pics of Circle Quey and The Rocks. Wonderful market on Saturdays and Sundays. The hard part of being in the markets is all the fantastic items you find and can’t purchase unless you are sending things back home. Backpacking you have such limited space.


(above) Hyde Park , Aboriginal War Memorial

Paddington is where I got my hat !


(below) And now the coastal walk

Bondi Beach to Coogee .. it was a hike, but well worth it. There was more coast line after and more beaches of course , but we had already put in 20K steps and were pretty tired.


Manly was a beast all it’s own, so glad we had tour guides

Meet Awia and James .. they loved me .. kind of liked Gabby. They were generous in taking time on a Sunday to show us all the local spots in Manly. We had brunch at a Swedish café close to the beach and it was fantastic!!!



flat white

Gabby’s first flat white coffee 🙂 





we on the ferry !!!

(above) Manly Beach and  a little more of the ferry

(above) Fairfax Lookout in Manly


cricket in a hat

Sometimes I get tired and take a quick pup nap in Gabby’s hat … shhhhh don’t tell him




We began with the bridge , and we end with the bridge in Sydney


Until next time…



Sunrise every morning 🙂 




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  1. Great to see you Gabe! Love the photos!

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