Toronto Canada – Aye

Hey Ya’ll! … I said it … they say “aye” all the time, so I’m going to put as many “ya’lls” as I can on this one! Hehe… not really.

So, as you know by know, we found ourselves in Toronto Canada! It’s cold … We were trying to escape winter. We have been running from the Texas chill, which is peanuts compared to the Canada bone freezing weather. The good thing is we were able to book a last-minute Airbnb with Shawn & Nick. We did not meet Nick as he was on an adventure of his own, but Shawn and roommates Keith and Sarah were awesome. Shawn was extremely responsive from when we left Halifax to when we landed in Toronto, offering advice on transit and keeping close to his phone if we had extra questions.
He got us set up in our room the first night to thaw out and even gave us some beverages to help speed up the defrosting process. We were exhausted and went straight to bed. Over the next few days it was a delicate balance of whether to leave the house or not. Between not having proper clothing, to “will it sleet or snow”, it was a struggle for us to leave the comfort of the heated house, or the warm bed for that matter. We did get out some as you will see below, jut not as much as one would like when staying in a new place for 5 days.
The up side to being indoors for that much time is that you get to know the roommates really well. I must say Shawn was an excellent host. He was there as we needed. He seemed to do his own thing but still available for advice and direction for grocery’s or tourist sites. Super nice guy.
And well now, let’s talk about Keith and Sarah… hehe. Such a beautiful couple. Keith is from the states and Sarah from Ireland. They were so much fun. They made us feel so welcome. They shared their food and time and I personally can say, that to me, there is nothing more important in this short life than people sharing their food and time … except belly rubs, belly rubs rank up there too. Anyway, We had so much fun with them over the weekend, just watching Canadian sports and Netflix shows. They shared so much of their life with us that we felt like we have known them for years. We always hope to meet up with the people we meet along the way later in life …. These two seem to be a greater hope.

See a few pics below.

On to Sydney … The one we really wanted to go to. But ya know, if we didn’t make this detour, we would have never met Shawn, Sarah and Keith. Who knows why we were meant to meet them. We feel pretty good about the detour.


Toronto … It’s that big 


Sarah, Me, and Keith 

They don’t call it Church St for nothing .. 4 churches in a 5 block radius and we could see a few more down other streets



watching the snow …. le sigh 

pics around the city .. that we got to see

Is Moose and … wait …



We took this pic and loved it … 



We would have liked to get out more , but we loved the time with the roommates, it was priceless. So here we go from the freezing cold to the melting asphalt hot! ….. we can’t wait

We will tell you all about the long flights in the next post 🙂




Keith, me and Sarah had a tender moment … I was telling them all about the plane mishap and they were consoling me … such great hoomans 


See ya in Sydney

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