San Francisco – Fabulous

Hey all!! It’s me Cricket! We are on our way again!!
This is a short entry. It was just a quick stop and the weather was not cooperating… but hey, we made the best of it.
I took a month off of travel so Gabby could stay home with his family for the holidays. I also spent it with friends and his family (all of my family went to live on a farm somewhere…at least that’s what I was told).
So, at the beginning of this month we headed to San Francisco. We started off by staying at a truly amazing Airbnb. What made it so amazing you ask? There were 8 people staying at any given time living communally. I had only heard of getting a private room in an Airbnb so this was new to me. We got to meet some wonderful people from all over the world. Their personalities were all pretty comparable and compatible. It was so nice. One night of our stay, all the hoomans went out to party together, I understand it was a fun time of pool and salsa dancing. The next night, they all had a homemade dinner prepared by Jonas and Johnny (see pics below). It was definitely one of the highlights of our stay. How simple a dog’s life can be? Gabby really wanted to go and walk around The Castro District. This is the district made famous by gay rights activist Harvey Milk. I was not all that excited about it but he insisted. The day lacked much desirability as it was cold and wet and promised to continue its sogginess, so I chose to stay home and let him go experience it for himself. I enjoyed relaxing for the day and interacting with the other roommates that came and left and came back as the day progressed. The second day (we were only there 2 full days) We met up with two old friends from San Antonio. Santiago and Scott. There spirits are like none other. Guess where we went to start the day? …. The Castro… lol, suppose it was meant to be. We ate at this fabulous restaurant called Harvey’s, obviously named after Sean Penn. After that we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge and up the mountain side overlooking the bay area to watch the sun set. It was beautiful. So good to see old friends. The next day we got up and said goodbye to our newest comrades (added them on Facebook of course) before heading to the airport and our next adventure. Oh, and we made sure to give the Airbnb hosts a sterling review and recommendation. Feel free to private message me and I will send you their link.


one of the many iconic structures of San Francisco



such a good meal at Harvey’s


some art work we saw along the way

Sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge


Me and Johnny and Rachel


Me and Santiago 🙂

Silly Hoomans , Gabby and his new friends



Driving on the bridge


See ya later San Francisco and friends! There is so much we didn’t do. We will be back and give this city the time and attention it truly deserves ….. and we look forward to staying at the Airbnb again!

Who will we meet next?!!!



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