Halifax Canada – A Kafuffle Indeed

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I thought this post warranted it’s own space …

So, let me just start off by saying that life is made up of mistakes and hiccups. It’s not what happens to you, it’s your attitude, how you adapt, and how you move forward. I think me and the hooman did pretty good on this one.
When we originally booked the flight to Sidney, we did it through American Express Travel. They were very helpful and found us a flight from San Francisco to Sydney for $350.00. Score! If the agent had been in front of me I would have given them a bacon treat and a big lick on the face. I was a bit concerned when I saw the connecting flights were to Boston and then to Halifax Canada as I thought we should have been going west and not east, but no matter. A cheap ticket is a cheap ticket despite the inconvenience of some added time on the plane. So, with plans set, we boarded the plane in San Francisco to head to Boston. With a 4 hour lay over we just hung out and read. Nothing major there, and then board again for Halifax CA. Both flights were pleasurable. Flash Forward to an hour before flight from Halifax to Sydney, 8pm, over the PA it’s announced, “We have overbooked this flight to Sydney. If anyone is willing to take the next flight out, we will give you a $400.00 flight voucher and a $10 food voucher to be used at any restaurant in the airport”. We talked it over and decided we were in a position to hang out a little longer so I went to the counter to volunteer for us. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: I’ll volunteer to take the next flight, well, me and my hooman.

Airport Personal (AP) : Oh that’s great just have a seat over there and I’ll call you back up in a minute

… moments later we are called back up

AP: Okay , we are good now , we can book you on the next flight and give you a voucher.

Me: Great, when is the next flight out?

AP: In an hour ….

Me: $400 voucher and we only have to wait another hour? Awesome! When will the flight arrive in Sydney?

AP: 11

Me: 11 in the morning? No layover? Seems odd

AP: um no, 11 tonight, it’s only an hour flight… She sees my puzzled look…. Let me see      your ticket …. Yup, it’s for Sydney Nova Scotia, 1 hour flight ……


AP: Where did you think you were going?

Me: AUSTRALIA ! I barked!

AP and surrounding AP’s burst in to laughter

AP: Sorry sir … didn’t mean to do that … but take heart …. This is not the first time this has happened.

The result

We didn’t get upset .. much, we didn’t panic , we just said .. okay , so what do we need to do to get back on track.
We booked a flight to Toronto with the voucher next day and spent a night in a hotel close to the airport. It was a nice to sleep in a big bed again. We were able to book a new flight to Sydney, AUSTRALIA this time, a week out from Toronto. The adventure continued from there.


But first … the Toronto post



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