El Chorrito Tamaulipas Mexico

Hey All! It’s me Cricket 😊. I have to first publicly apologize to my hooman. I did not realize the dedication it took to keep a blog moving on a constant basis. (I mean seriously, trying to choose which wonderful pictures of myself to use. Then there is possible lack of internet and constant interruptions. Or you might get sick…. *gasp) So I told him I was sorry and gave him a treat. Gabby doesn’t enjoy Scooby snacks (which I already knew) so I ate it myself.

El Chorrito is absolutely beautiful. I was there with a few friends to celebrate a birthday. The birthday boy (Luis) is an International artist that I am fortunate enough to call friend. He has an amazing hill side home overlooking a gorgeous lake. He had a wonderful time explaining to all of us how the purchase, development, and choices for the property came about. The community is self sufficient and relies on each other to sustain life. It was very eye opening to see and then to think of how convenient my life is. Every morning we ate fresh oranges, grapefruit and fabulous coffee. The community came together to feed us the entire time we were visiting and let me tell you. The way they cook everything was very impressive. It’s one thing to grill and cook with charcoal or gas, it’s a complete other to cook on an open flame and keep the heat consistent with just wood. They cooked beans, pork in a big clay pot, Mexican rice and fresh corn tortillas for around 10 hours. I can’t say enough about the music the night of the party. It was so good that I could hear some of my foreign wilder brothers singing (I’ve heard it called howling at the moon… but was music to MY ears) in the distance with us. My friend Charles took pictures of the landscape and the party that would rival even the best published photographers.
The night before we left, we stayed in Monterrey and were able to enjoy all the beautiful public art.

Hope you enjoy the view. I know I did.


my view every morning!


The man of the weekend! Luis


I had to work for my food, but so worth it.


See! I am nice to Gabby and let him spend quality time with me…..

The night of the party was a ton of fun, singing, and dancing. Can you find me?


As mentioned … the food, sooooo good


Monterrey at night





oh yeah .. if ever asked yo to try Chili Pequin’s ….. DON’T DO IT! I have great friends but sometimes grrrrrrrrr……


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  1. The photos are amazing. It looks and sounds like you had an amazing time. I’m glad you were able to experience authentic Mexican food made the right way but hope you were able to pick up some Latin rhythm.

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