San Antonio Texas – VIVA FIESTA (side note, Fiesta is not until April and it is considered the Mexican Mardi Gras)


Hey all this is Cricket! Yup it’s me this time! A month! A month since the last post. Unacceptable! You can’t run a successful blog and go a month without a post! I know, I have done my research. I love my hooman pet, Gabriel … I call him Gabby, you can too, but he has not delivered so I have scaled back his responsibilities. He is too busy trying to be introspective or profound or something of that nature, but this is not about him! This is about ME and my adventures. I just allowed him to come along for the ride and to carry my luggage. He asked if he could add another page to this blog and I told him maybe. I suppose I could give him something since he is indeed packing and schlepping (Can I say that? I’m not Jewish) the heavy stuff.
So San Antonio – We were in San Antonio to close out some final business dealings so I didn’t get to get around to some of the more touristy popular sites but I did get to see some of my old friends which was more important to me than anything. If you know anything about my species, you know we love to see old friends. Gabby’s species does too, but they tend to do it in between work. Not us! We do it 24/8! Unless I am sleeping off the day before! Then you leave me alone… otherwise don’t be surprised if I nip at you! Sometimes the night is just a bit to ruff (see what I did there)… hehe San Antonio is a beautiful city with so much history and a special year quickly approaching. It’s the cities 300th birthday! So 2018 promises to be a banner year. Me and the pet enjoyed living there but it’s time to move on to many more great adventures. See below our time in San Antonio. 😊

(Will only ever use first names (unless I get permission), and some names will be changed to protect the innocent)

Click on the pics to see captions if not showing


Here we go! I am using my Amex card to gain points… I want to start flying first class! I need more leg room! 


The Pearl has quickly become one of the hottest areas in SA over the last 9 years. It’s a must visit for great restaurants and fun events. It’s really wonderful to go to the farmers market on Saturdays. Everyone is walking their hoomans around and letting them socialize. It’s really good for them. Gabby seemed to enjoy it.

I ate at Wild Fish on 1604 and Huebner with Gabby’s ex employer, now friend Tom and his wife Elise. They told me so many funny and embarrassing stories about Gabby when he was a stray. Can’t believe they put up with his shenanigans for 11.5 years They told us we could come and crash the up coming Christmas Party!!! We won’t be in the area, but we definitely would if we were.


This is Eddie and Dee! They took me to a Spurs game. Gabby had to stay home… GO SPURS GO! They even made their jersey colors in my honor! classy group those SPURS! 


Millennials eat avocado toast and so do I 🙂 


This is me and Richard Hartman, owner of the famous Tycoon Flats … it’s been featured on the Food Network several times … something about a candied bacon crème brulee and this best burgers in SA, oh and margaritas. Yeah, he went on and on about his write up in the New Yorker over the margaritas. check em out!!


last look at Downtown San Antonio Texas for a while … 



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