New England – Wicked Pissah 10/12/17 – 10/16/17


Cricket got invited to celebrate our friends birthday in New Hampshire. Of course, I got to come along and carry his luggage. We arrived at the Manchester airport and were received by Richard, his wife Elyse, and his family. The first thing we absolutely had to do, aside from getting our luggage, is start off the trip with a lobster roll. For years Richard has been telling me that if ever in New England, I had to eat as many lobster rolls at as many places as I could afford. So, we started in downtown Manchester. Downtown Manchester is beautiful. Great old buildings with wonderful architecture. Cricket had to stay outside this particular establishment. NO DOGS ALLOWED! … I made his ass stay in the car. Don’t you judge me. This isn’t Texas weather ya know. Honestly, I wasn’t excited about trying the lobster roll. I decided a long time ago I didn’t like lobster. Of course, my only experience with it was Red Lobster in East Texas, not a true representation. I have to say, it was delicious. After the meal, as we were walking out, I mentioned to Richard that I thoroughly enjoyed it. He just said, “It was okay, there are better ones out there”. I just shrugged, cause what the hell do I know about it. Off to Ruth’s house (Richards sister)

Ruth lives about an hour and a half away in East Wakefield NH on a lake in the middle of nowhere, with her husband Dave and their two dogs. I didn’t think I could find a slower pace of life than 15 in a 55 (see previous post), but yeah, this is it. The view is incredible. The trees are just at their peak in color change (this is a lie, you never see the leaves changing at their peak. It’s a myth!), and seeing the leaves at their peak is just amazing. I can see vacationing out here, but I cannot see living here. Of course, I couldn’t see living back in East Texas, but there I am. We unloaded the luggage and sat around swapping stories for the evening. We ate and more family came. It’s very much like my family. Truly a joy.
Cricket and I got to visit three states, and 11 cities/towns over the last 5 days. We enjoyed the New England landscape and hospitality. Every meal and location was a special experience. We did not eat that many lobstah(that’s how they say it) rolls,  not for lack of availability, just wanted to try other dishes. The Galik family is extremely endearing and made this time so much more memorable.

Just a few things before you look at the pics –

All McDonalds are not created equal. North Conway McDonalds serve lobstah rolls… can’t get that shit at the McDonalds in the south.

Stopped at a Burger King for some bladder relief and saw they had a basement with a four sided fire pit that was lit (propane I’m sure) at 1 in the afternoon for people to sit around and eat… won’t see that in Texas.

Lake Winnipesaukee – Was walking by an officer who’s dispatch interrupted my gaze with ” There is a woman topless and sun bathing on the beach and we got some families around there a little upset”. He replied with the usual “10-4, I’ll head that way”. Much as usual, before I could stop myself, I just looked right at him and said, “put me in coach, I’m ready!” … he laughed and replied, “Thanks man I needed that”.

Cities/towns visited
Danvers MA, Peabody MA, Beverly MA, Rockport MA, Salem MA, Gloucester MA, Wolfeboro NH, North Conway NH, East Wakefield NH, Springville ME


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I didn’t teach him this I swear!


Cricket just entered a Stephen King novel


Cricket had a great Breakfast every morning at Cindy’s Place


Salem was beautiful


Gloucester Fishermen’s Memorial


Which one of these does not belong


Lake Winnipesaukee


Jake’s Seafood & Grill


Cricket really enjoyed his first real New England Clam Chowder


one of the lobstah rolls ..Cricket was impressed


He made new friends. Meet Pussy Cat and Owl


Cricket DEMANDED new travel accommodations


Mountains in North Conway


view from Ruth and Dave’s back deck






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  1. I’m so glad you had fun in NH and cricket seems to be having a blast! I’m pretty sure you didn’t but I have to ask… Did you attempt the “lobstah” (lol I absolutely love that) rolls at McDonald’s? Continue to make unbelievable memories and see breathtaking scenery. Also, stay safe and know that whenever you’re ready, you can put me in coach! I love you and I’m not going to say be good because I doubt you will! 💜😍👑 take care of my uncle, thanks cricket!

  2. What an amazing adventure. We can live vicariously through you, little brother. Take it all in! #yolo

  3. Cricket,
    I am so very happy that you and the guy you travel with were able to join us in New Hampshire for a visit with my family. The lobster roll was bigger than you, but somehow you managed to eat the whole thing! (I’m sorry that you didn’t like the fried clams! Everyone in my family loves them — except me!)
    The leaves were beautiful — the colors were spectacular — but can you actually see color? I kinda thought that dogs were color blind. Perhaps your breed is different; some breeds don’t drink Bloody Marys, so maybe that’s the explanation!
    We really enjoyed having you along for the trip, and the chop suey sandwiches at the Salem Willows were the thing of fond memories from long ago.
    Our puppy, Lucky, really appreciated your companionship — he would have been very intimidated by Ruth’s very large dogs had he not had your complete support. Thank you for that!

    • Richard, It was a fabulous trip and one that spoiled me and the luggage hauler. Spoiled because we know that we will not have the same hospitality you and your family showed us everywhere we find to lay our heads. Yeah, the color thing is possible due to corrective surgery. I wasn’t going to be traveling without being able to enjoy the beauty of the land. It was expensive as hell, but I made the man servant pay for it. I had a great time with Lucky. You are fortunate to have an owner like him. I am sure I will run across your path again soon.

      Best and until next time … I don’t say goodbye, I just say, “I’ll see you later”…. so I’ll see you later.


  4. While I always like being with my in-laws, you made the trip truly wonderful. The only thing missing from your blog is photos of your friend, Lucky. He’s at a loss without Cricket. Crying constantly. I only assume it’s for Cricket. Could it be for more food…

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