Where’s Cricket – The beginning

Okay so some of you know my story and others will hear it along the way. I recently quit my job of 12 years and sold my house in San Antonio Texas. Not too exciting and sounds like a mid life crises, only I truly hope this is not the mid point of my life. I am 36 and I would like to live past 72… as long as I am in good health. If I’m on a machine or falling apart just take me out back and shoot me or unplug that machine.

The reason for all this change is because my life was imploding in so many ways. I had become a different person at work (which I didn’t like in myself), The remodel of my house had taken a huge toll on me and I was coming up on the 3 year anniversary of the separation of my only long term relationship. I had been battling depression for over a year and it was affecting all aspects of my life, from my relationships with my friends and network, to my increased drinking habit. No, I won’t say alcohol abuse, my therapist said there are all forms of alcoholics.

So, I now begin a new journey and new chapter. One that will be filled with more writing and being completely open not only to my closest friends and family but to the world. Or whoever decides to read this. You see I thought I was living a very unique existence with my depression. Turns out the more I read and the more people I spoke to, the more I realized I am not that unique. But in feeling that I was, it was difficult to open up at first, even to the people who knew what was going on and just stood by me, and loved me through it.

So, why the name “Where’sCricket”? Well, that started off as a joke and I decided it was  a pretty good idea. I was taking care of a new puppy for a few weeks while my mother was healing from surgery. I took him everywhere and introduced him to friends and strangers alike. My friends would ask if Cricket was joining me on my new adventures? I told them if Mom lets me, I just might. It’s not real likely that I’ll get to take him, for a couple of reasons. I am currently on the look for a small stuffed dog that I will call Cricket. He will travel with me and become part of the story.

Because I am new blogger, I ask that you be kind and bear with me. I am often all over the place in my thoughts and conversations. I rarely have a filter and sometimes have the oddest thoughts.

Enjoy 🙂 IMG_0208

yes … this is Cricket 🙂

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  1. It’s not about a destination, more of the journey. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I’m so proud of you my friend!

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